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Everybody wants to be their own boss, but not everyone has the ambition to go for it, and the fear of taking on great risks is often a deal breaker. Fortunately, for savvy entrepreneurs in the Research Triangle, this i… There is no cost to you in buying through a business broker; their fee is paid by the seller. Please use the search bar on the top right hand side to find that special business you are looking for, and/or Register with us for regular email updates.

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To ensure the most secure and best overall experience on our website we recommend the latest versions of Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Safari. Internet Explorer will not be supported as of August 17, 2021. The transaction will see Suntell’s CEO Duane Lankard and President Ronnie Wooten both continue in their roles as the business expands its market presence and product roadmap. Xbox Content and services revenue is expected to decline in the low-to-mid single digits as well.

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The business grew steadily over the years to become one of the largest in the industry, with over 500 farms in America alone. It requires special knowledge and skills in building a data centre. If you are skilled in this area, you can start a data centre consulting business. Marriages are destined for heaven, but they must be found on earth. However, the next business idea we introduce is to provide matchmaking services.

Smartlists introduced in My Workspace are an easy way to quickly see the “To Dos” based on conditions. To learn more about Checklists in Investments, see the Checklists module in Investment. You need the Checklist – Create access right to work with Checklists. You can share the checklists with Stakeholders so that they can view the completed To Dos and overdue activities. You can also create customized smartlists based on the conditions.

There are loads of incoming Indian immigrants to the United States who would only want to deal with Indian immigrants like themselves when it comes to looking for accommodations. The truth is that if your vocational school has loads of courses and it is government approved, then you may not have to struggle to persuade students to enroll in your school. A general contracting company or general contractor is responsible for providing all of the material, labor, equipment and other services needed for the construction of the project. So, if you are a good chef from India living in the United States of America, you can consider opening your own chicken kebab restaurant. It is a good way of making money and if you have good business skills, it won’t be too long before your brand becomes a nationally recognized brand especially if you go into franchising. This goes to show that as an Indian immigrant with background in HR and recruiting, you can successfully start your own temp agency.

Please send your questions and comments to us info -at- For a non-US resident forming a new company, it is critical to understand the differences between the types of US business entities. Business entities are always formed under state law instead of federal law.

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Lapels Dry Cleaning has been the leader in environmentally friendly dry cleaning since 2000 and uses only eco-friendly solvents for dry cleaning. Full-service chain provides same-day dry cleaning, tailoring and alterations, shirt service, shoe repair, wedding gown preservation, suede and leather processing, box storage, and others. TheUnited States remains one of the top destinations for international students.

However, though quite attractive, it’s important to note that they are exclusive to citizens and permanent residents. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a translation service to add value to your business or project. When you file the SS-4 form with the Internal Revenue Service, you will get your tax number.