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Our end-goal is providing financial credibility and securing Congressionally appropriated dollars in a constrained fiscal environment. Hiring Juna was one of the best decisions I have made for my company. As a small business owner, I was managing my company’s bookkeeping and accounting functions. But, as my business grew, it became increasingly challenging to find the time necessary to complete these important tasks. Outsourcing these functions to Juna has been a game changer.

Create frictionless experiences and offer seamless connection to new and innovative services through third-party partners. With over 20 years of experience, we demonstrate our strong strategic commitment to fighting financial crimes including money laundering, bribery and corruption and terrorist financing. Our global risk management consultants immerse themselves in our customers’ businesses. Not only do we monitor markets, we pride ourselves in understanding how and why they affect your daily operations. Contrast Security provides the industry’s most modern and comprehensive Application Security Platform, removing security roadblock inefficiencies and empowering enterprises to write and release secure application code faster.

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To help caregivers create a financial plan for loved ones living with the disease. By enrolling in the 403 or 401 plan—even if you start small and increase your contribution when you can—you will have satisfaction in knowing you’re taking steps toward your future financial health. Vascular Pathways, Inc. is a privately-held medical device company focused on commercializing the Accucath Intravenous Catheter System, an FDA approved innovative product enabling rapid, safe, and successful IV insertion. Tulavi Therapeutics is a development-staqe medical device company dedicated to creating new therapies that directly target the nerves of neurally-mediated peripheral and vicseral disease. Rejoni is a medical device company developing an in-situ forming hydrogel for post-surgical placements in the uterus to prevent the formation of intrauterine adhesions.

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Ascension Global Technology is a full service cyber security firm offering complete end-to-end strategic solutions and services. Whether a business has experienced a security breach or is looking for some expert advice our team of security experts are here to guide our clients towards a holistic security program. We are a passionate group of cybersecurity practitioners sharing the common goal to protect our clients from cybersecurity threats. We understand that every client is at a unique stage of their business and each company that we work with has different security needs. No matter what industry or stage of your business, we will guide you to the most effective cybersecurity practices and programs in the market while handcrafting a cybersecurity program that is right for you. Ascension St. Vincent’s has a commitment to and respect for each person’s dignity with a special concern for those who struggle with barriers to access healthcare services.

Patients who are eligible for financial assistance will not be charged more for eligible care than the amounts generally billed to patients with insurance coverage. With access to over 40 of the country’s most reputable lenders, Ascension Finance will provide you choice, will act in your best interests (not the banks’) and deliver you the most competitive rates and products on the market. We will deliver a custom service through our simple and easy to use process and platforms.

Reflexion Medical is a commercial-stage medical device company that has developed a therapeutic approach that combines biotargeting with radiation, enabling effective treatment of business services ascensionfbservices.com cancer, including advanced metastatic cancer. Nextsense is a platform for brain health which leverages proprietary EEG-embedded earbuds to enable long-term at-home brain monitoring for the management of neurological conditions. Neurolutions is developing brain computer interface technology that uses non-invasive technology to detect brain waves to control movement of prostheses. The Company is the first to harness the power of low pressure, extremely cold (-196 o C) liquid nitrogen inside the body. Confluent Surgical was acquired by Tyco International in 2006. The company pioneered the development and delivery of biomaterials to be used as sealants, for adhesion prevention and homeostasis in many types of surgery.

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It also provides access to training materials related to services offered by MyChart Ascension Healthcare. Employees may also use this My Ascension web portal to update their health and dependent’s information. “These leaders in FinTech that we’ve recognized are challenging the status quo and pushing the industry forward with technology innovations.” Using robust, modern APIs, Auditoria builds on top of industry-leading ERP Financial Applications and offers a frictionless SaaS deployment that is up and running in minutes. Auditoria customers can supercharge their ERP deployments with streamlined automation, innovative recommendation analytics, and simplified audit governance.

Rutherford has held many positions in health care for more than 25 years. Most recently, she served as the inpatient director of nursing at Ascension Providence Rochester Hospital. Prior to that, she was a nursing manager at Ascension Genesys Hospital. Rutherford received both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in nursing from the University of Phoenix.

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Our groups meet throughout the day and evening to provide scheduling flexibility for those who want to stay involved in school, work, or other activities while seeking treatment. Surgical oncologists and anesthesiologists provide enhanced recovery pathways as part of your care plan. They are an important part of our cancer treatment programs. Each pathway is personalized for different types of cancer treatment, to help speed up your recovery after surgery. Your care team uses these protocols to help you prepare for what to expect before, during and after surgery. We can help you manage health and wellness costs with financing for healthcare, dental and vision.

Report and view electric outages.Medical Baseline Allowance. Apparatus seeks professionals who want opportunities to leverage their talents to serve nonprofit organizations and their missions. Selecting talent and managing their performance & development are key to building a stronger team to better fulfill your mission. Insurance listings are subject to change without prior notice. Please contact the hospital, your provider’s office, or your insurer to verify facility’s participation prior to scheduling your visit and/or procedure.

“AdventHealth and Ascension maintain a strong relationship and are united in ensuring the residents of Chicago have access to the best possible healthcare.” Reduce the negative impacts of financial crime costs and challenges for APAC banks with compliance technology. Effectively manage the complexities and challenges of financial crime compliance with a multi-layered solution approach.

Our Lawyers belong to various internationally recognized professional bodies including the Nigerian Bar Association , Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria , Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria , American Bar Association etc. This gives us the exposure and know-how in handling various legal and commercial challenges as they relates to meeting the needs of our clients. Medical Baseline Allowance is a financial assistance program for customers who have special energy needs due to certain qualifying medical conditions.

We provide world-class strategic tax legal solutions to our multinational and national clients. We are focused on providing qualitative internationally acceptable legal solutions with track records in tax litigation support & Alternative Dispute Resolution . Apparatus Solutions has a strong, experienced team who understand the unique needs of the impact sector and are passionate and prepared to deliver exceptional value. From daily accounting to financial reporting to budgeting and forecasting, we offer a full range of outsourced accounting services. For University of Texas students, we work with the Counseling and Mental Health Centerto provide outpatient mental health care. If you or a loved one is experiencing depression, anxiety, mood swings, difficulty with sobriety, or other emotional difficulties that are getting in the way of living a meaningful life, mental health specialists can help.