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Another type of rich media advertising on Facebook is a post of an image. This is one of the most popular types of ads ever since facebook adds blog Facebook began favoring visual content. The optimal size for News Feed photo ads is at least 1080 x 1080 pixels, otherwise your image will get cropped.

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With a similar reputation to the NYTimes, the Wall Street Journal also does content promotion well. They run ads towards well-performing content with quick, hooking summaries up top, and a well-tested CTA below. Then, in a move that’s appreciated by many consumers, especially post Cambridge Analytica — they call out the post is sponsored, and they tag the sponsor, The Gates Foundation.

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The tone of the supporting copy is playful, and even cracks some tasteful jokes. As marketers by trade, we see a whole lot of Facebook ad examples on a daily basis. We’re cookied on nearly every website you could imagine, and we’re always on the hunt for the best tactics to use in our own Facebook advertisements.

The main reason that brands advertise on Facebook is that the organic reach of “free” posts is now abysmally low. For most firms, Facebook is now an effective advertising platform. It allows you to connect with people who otherwise wouldn’t see your message. The secret to successful Facebook advertising is setting your target audience correctly. As with most marketing, when using Facebook ads, you have to work out to put the right marketing content in front of the right people at the right time.

The code and sale end date are also clear in the ad description. This ad also has an added level of value, it is showing the many different ways people can use Shutterfly, in ways many may not be aware of. The visual is clear, simple, and appealing to all types of wine-lovers. For growing businesses like, it’s a smart idea to pivot off the brand awareness of household names. I have been recently researching skin care products to being a new regime.

They acutely realize the power of showing the device in a human hand — without even reading the text, you understand that the app allows you to watch Fox news on your phone. But by giving away that fact, and then immediately offering a solution , they are presenting their product at the right time and place. We really like how Sleeknote positions this Facebook video advertisement. They first present a hypothetical, then they give an answer, and finally, they provide a case study to backup their claim. They also make the image for their ad seem like it includes clickable buttons, even though it doesn’t. If you try to click one of the buttons, you’ll inadvertently end up on a Digital Marketer landing page.

Click the Show text grid green button on the upper-left side of the artboard to apply the text grid to your design. Select your ad format to get started – or any format Facebook allows. Customize anything and everything you want — text, fonts, backgrounds, images, and more. A large collection of templates featuring motion graphics makes it simple to make cool animations.

And the CTA on top of the image adds another nudge to click through and see what’s on the other side. With this FB ad, Nerdwallet is sending traffic to a blog post around the 4 best credit cards for low APR and debt consolidation. In terms of creative, the ad does a great job of previewing the Coinbase app on a real phone. It provides a strong blue background which makes the overlaid copy easy to read. ” — and then make you want to find out what four steps the brand is referring to with the “Try These 4 Steps” headline as the splash screen of their video.

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Targeting new customers should be your most incremental audience segment since they would not have converted and made the purchase had it not been for your Facebook ad. Advertisers can measure incrementality by using control tests and comparing the results from those exposed to an ad versus those who have not. Once the tests have been completed, the results can help your business make smarter decisions on your Facebook ads and optimize your campaigns accordingly.

This is an approach we rarely see — a giant bunch of copy — but it seem to be working for Jetty. In this Facebook ad example, they start listing off reasons why you might want renter’s insurance. The person in the photo — while unidentified — adds a human element to the robot-investment fund.

This allowed them to create a single ad that automatically ran in either English or Simplified Chinese, based on the user’s preferences. The Taiwanese beverage brand Nature Fruit used dynamic ads to manage the language settings for its ads when it expanded into Malaysia. They’re great for collecting newsletter subscriptions, signing someone up for a trial of your product or allowing people to ask for more information from you.

Once you sign up for Business Manager, you can create a new ad account. If you do not have a Page for your business, you can follow Facebook’s steps to set one up. Any Page you create will be automatically given an ad account.

But since you know that it happened once in the past, it could very well happen again. Nonetheless, you’re inclined to move quickly and not miss the deal. Casper recently expanded from online-only operations to opening brick and mortar stores around the country. This Facebook Carousel ad shoes several variations of the popular Allbirds Wool shoe.