Here Are 20 Of The Top Tech Blogs You Should Be Following In 2021

Our energy expertise spans from renewable wind energy to emission-reducing natural gas, as well as physical and digital solutions to modernize the grid connecting it all. At GE, we are committed to building a more diverse workforce and a more inclusive workplace. Access the latest press releases, media contacts, and press tools.

An engineer by qualification decided to reach out with his insights, news, updates, and tech tips and tricks to new bloggers who are interested in taking up blogging as a serious hobby or profession. If you want to quickly grasp topics like artificial intelligence , the Internet of Things , blockchain, cybersecurity, and emerging technologies, to name a few, then Techslang is the place to go to. How JPMC is combining the power of machine learning and human intelligence to create high-performance models in less time and at less cost. Read on to find out how you can use machine learning to redact personally identifiable information to generate customer insights while ensuring data and privacy protection.

His blog about emerging technologies, Campus Technology, is written with an eye toward new and continuing college students. Sidneyeve Matrix’s Cyberpop is a rich and visually stimulating trend-watching blog that examines the effect of digital popular culture on education, among other things. Matrix is assistant professor in the Department of Film and Media at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Usage Report system, which crawls our entire infrastructure and provides visibility and transparency of resources for everyone, in order to display the required dashboards and reports. Providing transparency for the resources’ usage is a difficult feat even in a simple system.

I’ve created a step-by-step tutorial to walk you through the entire process of buying your domain name and hosting. The first thing you need to do is click on this link to visit Bluehost and follow along with the tutorials below. So, for Intel technology instance, if you name your blog “Tech Titans”, then your domain name might be “”.

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There has been a lot of recent talk about Big Data, but they have yet to show all the opportunities it offers for the travel industry. Today, it’s possible to “teleport” ourselves to the most remote corners of the globe without getting off the couch. That’s what you can get using Everest’s EVEREST VR app, which lets you see the top of the world without having to climb to the top. Or, if you would prefer, you can cross the Grand Canyon in a kayak enjoying the landmark’s sights and sounds.

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At eBay, we’ve focused on improving our staging environment to increase our software delivery speed, which ultimately allows us to launch features faster to our customers. Over the last several months, we’ve raised the quality of our staging data by establishing a dedicated and scalable data migration system. In this episode of the BechTech Podcast, Dave Meadows, discusses his over 35 years of experience in mineral processing technology and how an early interest in geology shaped his career. A few months ago we released Hamilton, Stitch Fix’s open-source microframework for managing dataflows.

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A computer science graduate from IIT, Amit has worked at ADP Inc. for clients like Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch. Sprout24 has been founded by Founder Easy Sendy and Co-founder of Aritic, Ankit Prakash. An entrepreneur and a full-time digital marketer, his blogs talk about everything about digital marketing. Aspects like Adwords, Webmasters, Email marketing have been explained with simplicity and great elegance. Harsh Agrawal started as a passionate blogger before turning this activity into a full-fledged profession.

Today, what I did after we announced this morning is I got to sit down with our studio leaders. The amount of energy they had for learning from other teams, because creators can get isolated because they’re so focused on the thing they’re doing right now. Now we get to sit there at the broadest level and have discussions about what people are thinking about, whether they’re challenging each other with sharing the learning that they have, what they aspire to go do.

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I have worked with product managers but to actually be one is different, and it had its learning curve. I met with the users, heard their wishes and complaints, mapped the different flows they needed, the new features they wanted, prioritized them… then switched hats to “backend developer” to do the implementations. It was fun, exciting, difficult, satisfying – it was everything I loved about writing code, but… not necessarily writing code. The media coverage of the events surrounding COVID-19 coupled with the increase in visitors traffic has meant that we had to rapidly increase our capacity to cope with these volumes.

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Despite a successful communications career, Matt Wojtkun realized that something was missing. There’s no debate that Python is one of the biggest programming languages in the world. Whether you’re running a small project or a large enterprise application, here are several great options for hosting…